Bernie Smith CEO


As the new CEO of Monte Cecilia Housing Trust I’m truly inspired by what staff, volunteers, board trustees and supporters past and present have achieved and look forward to not only being part of the team but am personally ready with the team to build on that history seeking to make a difference in families lives, and to get involved in advocacy and be a voice for social justice.

My grandparents lived on the banks of the Waikato river and I began life as the eldest of four children living in Huntly West in government Housing. I’ve just returned to NZ after spending the last almost 6years working for the Queensland Government in the department of Housing and Homelessness. I’ve spent almost 40 years working in social services, in NZ, PNG & Australia in the areas of disability, seniors, homelessness, child protection/foster care, and pastoral/chaplaincy ministry. My wife presently works in a national role with the ‘Children’s Action Team’ which presently is part of MSD.