2018 World Homeless Day

Monte Cecilia is part of an international campaign on World Homeless Day to raise awareness of homelessness and rough sleeping, advocating for the homeless and giving opportunity for the community to respond. 

2018 theme is Ngā Huarahi – Pathways.

The concept of 'World Homeless Day' emerged from online discussions between people working to respond to homelessness from various parts of the world.
The Inaugural World Homeless Day was marked on the 10th of October 2010.
Since its founding, World Homeless Day has been observed on every continent except Antarctica, in several dozen countries.
Use of the idea of 'World Homeless Day' is open for all to use... anywhere in the world.

The purpose of World Homeless Day is to draw attention to homeless people’s needs locally and provide opportunities for the community to get involved in responding to homelessness, while taking advantage of the stage an ‘international day’ provides.

How To Make a Difference

  • educate people about homeless issues
  • celebrate and support local good works
  • highlight local issues
  • donate to local service providers
  • volunteer and provide hands on help
  • invite a guest speaker
  • host a fundraiser
  • get social #worldhomelessday @homelessday