Monte Cecilia Housing Trust delivers a wide range of housing related services which either address immediate housing and associated needs, or raise public awareness and influence government policy on housing justice issues.

Staff actively encourages and nurtures the resourcefulness, independence and resilience of families facing considerable and often overwhelming challenges. They work with families to identify particular needs and set goals aimed at strengthening families and realising their hopes for a future. Families can access the range of services offered by Monte Cecilia to enable them to achieve their goals and/or may be supported to seek assistance from other relevant agencies or service providers. Monte Cecilia operates an open door approach, enabling families to return for follow-up advice, advocacy assistance, or support once they have secured transitional or permanent housing.

Monte Cecilia monitors and evaluates its work on a regular basis, actively gathering data and other information to ensure consistent, high quality service delivery and informed housing advice to families, the public and the government.

Monte Cecilia is engaged in networking with other emergency housing providers, community agencies and other organisations to share information, exchange skills and knowledge, enable access to a circle of resources, and inform government policy.

Monte Cecilia actively participates in the regional and national policy arenas, calling attention to and raising awareness about housing justice issues, connecting local concerns to public issues, and seeking to influence the development of properly informed policy advice. Monte Cecilia participates in and offers leadership to housing action groups and also works collaboratively with like-minded organisations to develop innovative responses to housing needs.