There is a housing continuum – at one end you have home ownership and at the other end there is homelessness. We assist families in the homelessness part of the continuum, but are just as concerned for those people saving for their first home but can’t afford it. Those of us working in homelessness and social housing strongly believe the housing continuum is broken. 

We are thankful for the extra funding in the past year, but there needs to be more social housing built, less demolition of HNZC homes and meaningful assistance to first home ownership. How can a low income family make the move to an affordable (private) rental when the rents are so high? Private rental costs of a 3 bedroom house are $450 to $550+. The Accommodation Supplement provides some financial support to those renting in the private market but the maximum payable has not been adjusted since 2005. Since its inception, Monte Cecilia has picked up and delivered household items to our families assisting them to set up house and home.

Can you assist Monte Cecilia to purchase a property, or do you have an affordable rental we could lease or rent? Over the next 12 months we are seeking to help 150-200 families into affordable, sustainable warm and healthy homes. Our families need you! Be part of the effort to break generational homelessness and poverty.