Over 70 children and adults have recently been housed in our emergency housing in Otahuhu, bringing to over 100 the number of people currently being housed by Monte Cecilia in Otahuhu and Takanini. From the largest family of 11 members to the smallest of one adult and one child – each with different needs, each with different reasons for their homelessness, but each now safe in warm and healthy housing.

These families will be with us for about 12 weeks and then we need to find longer term housing solutions. Monte Cecilia does not have enough homes for everyone. Do you have a home or know an investor or landlord who can help us find homes? Each family will have a social worker assigned to them to assist them in their life goals.

Each family and their children need a safe, warm and healthy home. A car is not that place, a garage is not that place. Can you help?