Monte Cecilia Housing Trust is a registered social housing provider and operates under the Residential Tenancies Act. We have 67 emergency and social housing residences as far south as Papakura and South Auckland and out west in Henderson and Ranui.

Monte Cecilia is about to lease four more 5-year old homes in Papakura and we are looking for more modern, well cared-for homes that are safe and warm for our families.

This week we have employed two highly experienced property managers who have worked in property and tenancy management in the private sector. We welcome Renee and Dhyana to our team. They can work with you as a property owner to assist us in leasing or renting more properties. Dhyana is a registered Real Estate Agent and can discuss with you how we might be able to enter into a renting or leasing arrangement.

Renee can talk to you about how we can manage the tenant family on your behalf, ensure rent is paid and make sure the property is kept in good order.

Both can talk to you about referring a potential tenant family to you or your property manager.

Not only will you be assisting homeless families but the families we put in your property will have completed our 12 week programme and while they are in your property will continue to be supported by us.

Call Dhyana today on 020 4134 7165 or Renee on 09 275 6661 ext 203. They would love to hear from you.