“We echo the concerns of Monte Cecilia Housing Trust’s Bernie Smith, who calledKiwiBuild a ‘community trainwreck’. Displacing thousands of public housing tenants in order to build private housing in public land ...

At this year’s Bruce Jesson Memorial lecture, Monte Cecilia Housing Trust’s Bernie Smith argued KiwiBuild’s flaws not only perpetuate housing unaffordability, but cause further intergenerational social problems.

To resolve the housing crisis, Smith said the government and bureaucrats needed to work together and have a generational housing strategy that “builds strong housing communities for the present and the future generations”.

In this week’s Q+A Business Podcast Corin Dann talks to Bernie Smith, Monte Cecilia Housing Trust CEO. Mr Smith gave the Bruce Jesson Memorial Lecture earlier this week. He raised concerns about the focus of the New Zealand Government's housing policy.

despite the addition of 1764 spaces in transitional housing, the number of people on the social housing wait-list has blown out to more than 10,589 people, including those looking to be transferred. That's up 3816 people from June the previous year.