Opening of 30 Windrush Close, Mangere with the Prime Minister Helen Clark and Bishop Dunne

Moved to Windrush Close.  In 2002 the Catholic Diocese of Auckland, which owned the Hillsborough property, decided to sell it. Monte Cecilia House Trust and the Auckland Catholic Diocese agreed that serving families with housing needs was an important mission that should be continued. Working together, the Trust and the Diocese found an alternative site resulting in the relocation of Monte Cecilia House to a former rest-home in Mangere in 2002, following a six month period of refurbishment and reconstruction


The relocation has enabled the Trust to continue its vital programmes and services, increasing its capacity to provide a residential housing programme for up to 12 families at any one time.  The Trust also now owns a further 24 affordable rental properties across south and west  Auckland, which provide short term housing for families.