Our Staff


Bernie Smith


With over 40 years in social services in NZ, PNG & Australia, Bernie has extensive experience of child protection and foster care, disabilities, seniors and over 11 years in housing, homelessness and poverty. Bernie believes strongly in empowering individuals and families to stand tall in their culture, faith & community where they can be valued members of their community.


Beth Waudby

Operations Manager

With twenty years being in Customer Service and Operational Management roles, and having had 
five successful years in the service sector as a Regional Operations Manager and National Manager 
in Customer Services, Beth will be an asset for Monte Cecilia Housing Trust commencing January 2019.  
Beth holds a Masters in International Hospitality Management and a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management,


Vincent Aries Ortiz

Administration Manager

For the last 15 years, Vincent has had roles in administration services and customer service providing positive outcomes. Vincent joined Monte's team in late 2018 and has a B.Sc in Psychology and Cert in HR Management


Kate Bennett

Social Work Co Team Lead

Kate comes to Monte Cecilia with a Bachelor in Social work and a Diploma in Child Protection.  She has developed a passion for advocacy, ensuring that children’s and family’s holistic needs are identified and met.  Kate has an awesome work ethic and committed to empowering families toward their dreams & aspirations having worked in numerous administrative systems and has extensive experience in working with a diverse range of families and children.  


Dennis Sanga

Social Work Co Team Lead

Dennis came to Monte Cecilia highly skilled over 3 years ago, the last four years as a Multi-Systemic Therapist, and had been with the same employer here in NZ for the last nine years. He has previously been a Lecturer and Tutor 

Dennis has a Masters in Social Work - with Honors, BA in Philosophy, MA in Pastoral Ministries and certificates in Maori Mental Health & Small Business Management & in 2018 completed a National Diploma in Child Protection by Child Matters


Menny Ng Chok

Housing Services Team Leader

Menny had worked for HousingNZ for 21yrs, having been in the Mangere HNZ Service Centre the largest rental property portfolio in the region with 4500 properties. Menny brings strong local knowledge & skills in housing & tenancy management

Menny has a Cert in Middle Management