Monte’s new support programme for mums leaving prison

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For mothers leaving prison, finding a place to live with their children has been a significant challenge. But a new collaboration with Corrections, Probation and partnership with Family Works, Presbyterian Northern means Monte is providing safe, warm homes for mothers to begin rebuilding their lives.

In May, Monte welcomed our first mother and her child into our emergency housing. Their arrival comes after a lot of work to bring together key players to support a growing number of mothers leaving prison on parole, that may have previously been placed with their children in lodges and other risky or unhealthy housing options.

Monte has worked to establish a memorandum of understanding with Presbyterian Northern and collaborate with Corrections, Probation and Oranga Tamariki—Ministry for Children, to create a process where mums are given access to Monte’s housing services, and support from Presbyterian Northern’s social workers. Family Works social workers are highly skilled in the complexities these women have to deal with not only while incarcerated but especially on release.

A member of the team noted that working with these mothers, to help them create the best possible environment for themselves and their children, is making a real difference in the lives of women who aren’t used to people going the extra mile or taking care of them: “There were hugs & tears all round. This lady could not believe the efforts that had been gone too. The place was set up so well and made so homely.”

Our CEO says: “A great result that demonstrates our objective of looking for and collectively advancing creative solutions that enable us to be the ambulance at the top of the cliff, not at the bottom”.