Finding a home for baby

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While some new parents eagerly decorate their baby’s room, others just want to find a safe place to bring them home to. When Bella and Joel discovered they were expecting their first baby, they knew the boarding house they had lived in for almost a year was no place for a newborn, so they turned to Monte for help.

Bella & Joel had been living in a boarding house as they could not afford a private rental because of their low income. But the facilities in their boarding house were shared by other tenants and the couple were worried that the unsanitary facilities could result in mum or baby getting sick.

Like all parents, they felt a desperate need to find a secure, warm and healthy home for their family, so they tried hard to find a private rental. Despite their efforts, their applications were denied time and time again due to lack of tenancy history and affordability. Their other option – social housing – felt totally out of reach because they were not on the housing register.

However, after approaching Monte for help, one of our social workers was able to support them to get onto the housing register, and their application was approved within just two weeks. This immediately enabled them to get placed in one of our Emergency Houses soon after the baby was born.

The couple are now working hard with their social worker towards getting a healthy, safe, warm & sustainable long-term home.

Bella said they were full of joy and gratitude to Monte for walking with them through the processes: “We are so blessed to be in this place, and now we are certain that we can keep our baby warm and safe.”