A Self-Referral

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Louise came to our organisation as a self-referral, desperately looking for a house because her husband had been brutally attacked. Due to this Louise with her three children, had become homeless and where living in extreme overcrowded situation.

Louise was living with her sister in-law in a three bedroom house with 13 people. Louise was sleeping in the dining room with her three children on the floor without mattresses in winter. The house was also cold and they did not have enough blankets. All of their furniture was outside sitting in the rain. Louise also had no money as the ACC payments had not come through.  

The struggle for the family was huge, they where unable to rent a house because the husband who was the main income earner was in hospital. Louise was looking after her young children and also visiting her husband in hospital everyday so life was tough. With Monte’s help Louise was able to get on the housing register, the family was supported to access a motel and emergency funding via WINZ so they could have an appropriate place to sleep, food, petrol and place to put their furniture and other belongings. The family was then assessed and brought into Monte Emergency Housing.

Louise has recently been given a HNZ house which will be affordable and also be helpful for the children to attend the school nearby. Monte Cecilia were also able to help the family with furniture.  Monte Cecilia Social Worker will continue to follow up with the family for the next three months. One area that we will continue to support Louise and her children with WINZ around ensuring they are getting the correct financial support while her husband is recovering. The Social Worker has also made contact with the ACC Case Manager to see what other help they can assist the family with. 

* Not real names used.