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Sally and her family had a long history of waiting to get into social housing. Initially they were staying in a private rental, both Sally and her husband were working, but with rent hikes and change in family circumstances they could not afford to pay the rent.

A tragedy struck the family two years ago, where there were three deaths of close relatives in Samoa within one year. Sally’s hours in her job also became less so their income was substantially reduced.

With increasing debt and reduced employment income, they could no longer afford their rental and they moved into a lodge with one bedroom and shared facilities with the other tenants. 
Sally contacted Monte Cecilia and was allocated to a social worker. Sally was supported to get onto the social housing register and came into Monte emergency housing for three months. They were then offered a 4-bedroom Housing NZ home which was very appropriate for the needs of the family.
Sally indicated that if not for the support of Monte they would not have been able to access social housing. They had waited for five years and they did not know how to navigate the application process.
This story was told on German TV and a family who saw it emailed our CEO to ask how they could assist the family. Sally advised our CEO that while they were thrilled with the housing she was concerned about the education of their children and the older two required laptops at school but could not afford to purchase them.
The oldest child (16-years-old) was preparing for NCEA and said that having access to a computer and online reviewers will truly make a difference. 
This families two oldest children got a donation from Germany that purchased laptops and software.
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