Family were in significant debt and struggling

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Terri* came to Monte Cecilia, through a client who was living in a Monte Cecilia Community social house.  They were living in a 2 bedroom house and there were 4 adults and 4 children.  During the time working with Monte Cecilia they were asked to leave this house as it was overcrowded and WINZ placed them in a Motel.

Terri* not real name

The family were in significant debt and struggling to put food on the table.  The Monte Cecilia Social Worker worked alongside this family by encouraging them to get a budget done so that it would help them move up the housing New Zealand register.  Due to their situation they were motivated to do what they needed to, to better their situation.  They gave the social worker their budget the following week.  This budget showed they were paying off significant debt and this raised their rating on the Housing Register to being at higher risk.  While living in the motel the Social worker would visit them and provide them with a food parcel when needed.  The Social worker advocated for them through writing a support letter to increase their rating and referred them to a budget mentor to help them with their debt.  They were then offered a house through Housing New Zealand in an area they wanted.   They have now settled into the house and can move on with their lives.