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This family have been very transient moving between family homes and private rentals due to not being able to       afford and sustain rent. There was history of DV and alcohol use and their first child was uplifted by Oranga Tamariki when the child was 4 months old. The couple used to be always angry to one another. 

 The father used alcohol and drugs. The couple was mandated to undergo relationship counselling and a parenting course. The father had CADS programme and anger management. He was required to do a drug test  every month. OT’s latest report showed there has been no further DV between the couple and the drug tests were a negative result. The couple had another baby  and Oranga Tamaki became involved again to support the family to secure a warm, appropriate and healthy place for their baby boy who was born prematurely (34 weeks).    The house they were in was shared with 8 adults with communal bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Other flatmates were also drinking alcohol in the premises. The place was infested with fleas and cockroaches and it was damp and cold
and not appropriate for their premature son. They tried many times to go private but they could not afford the rent as the father had lost his job as a truck driver and is currently on a job seeker benefit.  Monte Cecilia moved the family into our Emergency/Transitional housing where the family proactively engaged with a Social Worker.  The family have shown to be very proactive with achieving their main goals. Monte referred them to a Marae in Papakura and enrolled their baby into family start services.  The family have been spending time with Kaumatua and connecting with whanau, Hapu, Iwi and learning about other services available at the Marae.  Family engaged in the Monte Programme where they completed an IT course and received a $50 laptop and completed a financial literacy  programme where they were both learning skills how to manage money better and reduce debt. The family were offered and accepted an HNZ house and have now moved to their new home .