Monte Cecilia's kindness impacted a child almost twenty years ago

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Joseph Paulo, 34, grew up in Monte Cecilia housing in the early 1990s. He has now come full circle............

He has now come full circle, working as a security guard for the new transitional houses in Mangere. Having emigrated from Samoa, his parents had struggled to get by in Auckland. “All I remember is Dad would come home, take off his boots, have a shower and something to eat, put on his second pair  of boots, and go back to work. He was working his ass off.” Jo Paulo’s family was housed by Monte Cecilia when he was a child: “I am what I am because of them.” Monte Cecilia placed the family in houses in Hillsborough, Panmure, Glen Eden and Avondale until they had saved enough to buy their own home in Otara. The organisation left such an impression on him that he requested a visit to their old Monte Cecilia houses as a present on his 10th birthday. Monte Cecilia CEO Bernie, was introduced to Joseph when he requested security services to keep our new development from being vandalised two months before its completion. Bernie was so impressed with Joseph because he looked after the facility as if it were his own because Monte Cecilia had had such a positive impact on him and his family. 

Photo / Mike Scott. NZ Herald Story 10 October 2019.  Isaac Davison – Social Issues Reporter NZ Herald