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Pila* contacted Monte Cecilia Housing Trust asking for support for her and two young children. They were sleeping in the lounge......

of her aunt’s Housing New Zealand home. Pila and her three year old son slept on the floor while her six month old baby girl slept in the baby stroller most of the time. They had been there for more than three months. She tried looking for a private rental but was always unsuccessful. In addition to their struggle, her son is diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. He has difficulty in engaging in any form of interaction and educational support. Early this year, Pila found a kindy close to where they lived that had a special unit catering to her son’s needs. Her son made progress and was able to connect to his teacher aide and eventually to other children in the learning centre. Pila indicated in her application that they were willing to go to any Monte transitional housing, but added a request to be closer to her son’s kindy in Otahuhu. The social worker assigned to Pila highlighted this request together with medical certifications and the Monte tenancy team was able to house the family in Otahuhu. Pila was so grateful that her son was able to continue his progress and she cannot believe that the place they are living in now is way beyond what she had imagined. She shared that they feel at peace where they are and very thankful for the continued support they get from the Monte social worker and tenancy team. 

*Pila not her real name.