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Sandra,* is a single Mum with five kids (5yrs-14yrs).  For five years they were living in a three bedroom HNZ home and they only used  two of the bedrooms. The third bedroom was not liveable,  


The third bedroom was not liveable, it was mouldy and cold. When she asked for a transfer, she was told to go look for a private rental, which she did. For a year paying high rent at the private rental, she was struggling to make ends meet as she didn’t have much money left over after the rent went out. She was going to WINZ every week for a food grant. She ended up in a lot of debt and would borrow money to pay for other bills like power and water. Sandra was so stressed she ended up with high blood pressure. She decided to give Monte a call.   She applied and waited a month before she was offered Transitional housing.   She enjoyed living at Monte’s Emergency so much that she said she didn’t need to go to WINZ for any more food grants as she had enough money left over each week. She was only in Emergency for a month when she got offered a Monte Community House, which she so thankfully accepted. Today Sandra tells us that she hasn’t taken any more pills for her high blood pressure. She is so happy and very grateful to Monte for all the help she’s been getting. Her debts have gone from $12000 down to $5000.    *Sandra – Not her real name.