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With his children in Oranga Tamariki, George* needed support in bringing them back into his Whānau. He came to Monte Cecilia for support in this complex matter and reintegration process. 

After his divorce, the family, originally from Ruapehu, relocated to Auckland with George’s parents. George had a number of challenges to address, including finding a suitable home for his children.
George faced numerous hurdles during this emotional and challenging process, including the hours he worked, the salary he earned and his plans for the future being accepted by WINZ. His job as a truck driver allowed him to sleep on the road, but a lack of permanent address created another barrier to qualify for support.
With the ongoing help of a dedicated Monte Cecilia social worker, he was able to procure and produce the relevant documents required to gain access to the many services he required to support his children. After an agonising three-month wait, George was accepted onto the housing register and offered transitional housing by Monte. With new flexible working hours, a safe and warm home, George is able to take care of the children three days a week, with a plan to have them full time taking shape.
As one of our most challenging situations to date, George expressed his joy at having Monte Cecilia to support him with more than just housing, but a new life with his whanau.
*George not his real name.