Cockroach infested motel

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Before moving into a Monte house, I was living at my parents’ house with my twin boys and nephew that’s in my care. We were in 1 bedroom, overcrowded...…..

 with a lot of things piled around us. My parents started planning to sell our family home, so I started looking for private rentals. Two years later, no offers came back after all the viewings we went to that was because of bad credit and because I went to the Tenancy Tribunal over 10 years ago. I had to start looking at different ways to get housing. Then I came across Monte and signed up. It came up to our move out date – I had to go into a motel which was covered in cockroaches. I was at a really low point at this time, then I messaged my Monte Cecilia Social Worker and he called me the next day saying they have emergency housing for us. I was beyond happy to get out of that motel. We were in the ouse for 8 months. We had 2 awesome social workers helping me get into a long term house, bringing food over when I needed it, and the tenancy team that always fixed parts of the house so fast when needed.

I am grateful for Monte for getting myself and my kids to where we are today in a nice warm HNZ home. If it wasn’t for the supportive staff I don’t know where we would be so thank you Monte!

-Natalie (Name changed)