About the Windrush Emergency Housing development

I’m delighted to share with you the details of Monte Cecilia Housing Trust’s multi-million dollar emergency housing development at Windrush Close in Mangere. 

A project of this size and scope is unprecedented in the not-for-profit emergency housing sector in New Zealand. However the impact of homelessness on families, their communities and the prosperity of our country is impossible to ignore.

Our team at Monte Cecelia has worked directly with thousands of parents and children in desperate need of a home. In recent years we’ve experienced first-hand the alarming growth in demand for our services, so we decided that we could no longer wait for intervention from others to address the shortfall of temporary housing.

Our new Windrush facility will provide warm, safe and secure homes for some of the most vulnerable families in our community. It will make a huge difference to both their immediate wellbeing, and their chances of having long-term housing security in the future. 

The facility has been designed to provide a safe environment for families, help parents care for sick children, support parents to get the skills they need to achieve long-term housing stability, and provide easy access to support services.

The complex will include 30 two-bedroom units, secure family facilities including a playground and BBQ area, training facilities for parents working towards gaining long-term housing and on-site offices for Monte Cecilia staff so they’re easily accessible to support the families.

The build is now underway, and the facility will be ready for our first families to move in before coldest part of winter hits next year.

This development represents our wider commitment to support the most vulnerable members of our society, and we couldn’t do it without your on-going support.

Thank you.

- Bernie Smith, CEO

Key Figures


two-bedroom units


month build programme




children’s playground


families can be housed a year


training rooms


Monte support staff on-site

10 years

commitment from Government to lease back units


units suitable for families with accessibility needs

Partners and supporters of the Windrush development

Jim & Mae Weir






Ted Manson Foundation


David Levene Foundation



June 2018

Start of demolition work onsite


June 2018

Demolition in progress


June 2018

Demolition continued


June 2018


June 2018


June 2018


First construction Meeting

Mother Mary was given hard hat to protect her from falling objects as she watched the site for us night & day


October 2018

Concrete slab pour for the first block of 6 apartments

Benefits of Windrush development

This development has more than double the capacity of the previous facility

The development is future-proofed, because the units can be re-purposed as social housing

Having self-contained units – rather than shared facilities – gives vulnerable families and their children control over who they share their spaces with

Resident’s transport costs are minimised because of the development’s proximity to Mangere Shopping Centre

Children released directly from hospital or with other health needs are able to be cared for by their parents in the safety and comfort of their own unit

The on-site training facilities enable parents to gain valuable skills including financial literacy, computer, English as a second language, tenancy and access counselling services

A completely new facility has significant cost benefits because of the reduction in maintenance costs, and provides the ability to consider cost-saving options