Your donation makes a difference

All monetary donations to Monte Cecilia go directly to helping our families rather than supporting Monte Cecilia’s day-to-day running costs.

Monte Cecilia is registered with the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department as a charitable organisation.

For our donors this means they can claim a third of their donation from IRD as refund at the end of the financial year. Your Tax Receipt will be sent out in April. 

To claim the tax credit simply complete the tax form IR526 for the appropriate year. You can find the form on the Inland Revenue website.


To donate to Monte Cecilia using Wincave simply press the Donate button below.


Internet Banking

Set up an automatic payment or make a direct credit to:
Monte Cecilia Housing Trust
Account Number:
12 3069 0297002 04

Send a Cheque

Make a financial contribution to the work of the Trust, by making a cheque payable to:
Monte Cecilia Housing Trust
and post to:
PO Box 43825,

Donation terms and conditions

Read our terms and conditions for donations, including our refund policy.

Donations refund policy

Monte Cecilia Housing Trust will refund all donations made that are fraudulent due to unauthorised use of a credit card. In all other circumstances, refunds of donations will be at the discretion of Monte Cecilia Housing Trust, unless in the event of returning funds raised for a specific purpose that has not been fulfilled by Monte Cecilia Housing Trust as agreed. In assessing whether refunds of online donations can be facilitated, we will determine whether the donation in question has already been applied to a charitable purpose or whether it is available to be released back to the donor.

If you have any questions about this policy or wish to seek a refund of a charitable donation you have made, please contact us within 10 working days of making the donation at or on 0800 624 848.