Leasing a house to Monte Cecilia to serve as a transitional home can be an excellent option for landlords looking for a reliable income stream and has a number of additional benefits over renting it out yourself/through a property manager.

Monte Cecilia lease agreements ensure you are paid market rent, without fees, 52 weeks a year regardless of whether there are gaps in tenancy. Monte Cecilia also works closely with our tenants, ensuring they are taking good care of your property and in the event of damages beyond the scope of regular wear and tear we will cover the cost of repairs. Currently Monte Cecilia is only able to consider new builds for lease. 

For more information and to discuss whether your property meets our criteria, please contact our Property Linking Team. 


Monte Cecilia has grown substantially since it was established in 1982 by the St Vincent de Paul Society, Liston Foundation. Our properties now number in the hundreds and much of that is thanks to cooperative efforts with developers to create purpose-built housing developments.

These projects have been extremely rewarding for both parties, as they provide Monte with the right kind of living spaces we need for our families while also providing developers with stable long-term leases, giving them the certainty they need to undertake large-scale projects. In our experience, these collaborative projects are most successful when we have been involved early during the planning phase so we can make sure the designs are fit-for-purpose.

For more information on working with Monte Cecilia, please contact us.

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