Seeking housing justice for all

Monte Cecilia is committed to working toward a New Zealand where every person has a place to call home.

Our Vision: Everyone has access to adequate, affordable and secure housing

Our Mission: Monte Cecilia Housing Trust promotes housing justice for everyone in Aotearoa New Zealand by:

  • Nourishing hope for and advancing a vision of adequate affordable secure healthy and permanent housing
  • Providing high quality and culturally appropriate services to families with a housing need
  • Participating in housing action and political advocacy initiatives

Our Values: 

  • Tumanako  -  Hope
  • Tu Pono Toa  -  Courageous integrity
  • Tika  -  Justice
  • Manaakitanga  -  Hospitality
  • Kotahitanga  -  Team

“Every child has a right to live in a place that is safe and healthy. A car is not that place, a garage is not that place. This is a crisis for our kids and action is needed now.”