Building brighter futures

Monte Cecilia Housing Trust offers a range of housing services to support low-income families in finding affordable and appropriate housing, while also preparing them to manage their own home. Our services include providing transitional and community housing, advocacy and advice for sustainable rental housing, as well as referral to other organisations for specialist assistance.

Our team of social work, administration and tenancy staff are passionate about what we do, with a particular focus on cultural connection. Many of our staff are fluent in Te Reo Māori, Samoan and Tongan.

Our service delivery model enables low-income families with a serious housing need to access safe and affordable emergency housing for up to three-months, during which they will contribute to a savings program, develop skills in household management and benefit from comprehensive family support services through our supportive housing programme. 

This helps families stabilise their living situation so they can transition toward independent long-term sustainable housing, either in public housing, a Monte community lease home or a private rental. 

Wraparound services provided by Monte include programmes teaching: 

  • Financial literacy 
  • IT literacy 
  • Parenting skills 
  • Household management
  • Cooking classes
  • Family goal setting 
  • Job seeking, and 
  • Housing readiness

In total Monte Cecilia Housing Trust owns 70 housing options and leases another 240 plus homes to assist families by offering affordable rentals across South & West Auckland to create a pathway out of transitional housing.

“Our overall aim is to ensure a successful transition to independent housing so that families can better determine their own futures.”