When Jacob returned to NZ from missionary work in Tonga to care for his seriously ill parents, he and his family’s difficult situation was compounded by the arrival of Covid-19.

Both his parents passed away within a year, and Jacob and his family were forced to rely on make-shift accommodation provided by his Church while struggling financially in the uncertain environment created by Covid.

However, Jacob remembered what the Monte Cecilia team had told him when he stayed in Monte accommodation in the past and kept the home in beautiful condition – that he and his family were always welcome when they were in need.

Monte staff were able to quickly find a place for him and his family in Takanini near some excellent schools for his children.

 “We’re so thankful to the staff and managers at Monte Cecilia,” he says. “Now they’re at the new school my kids’ grades are all coming up. My daughter got silver in her previous tests and now gold in the latest one, she wants to be a doctor when she grows up and one of my sons just got selected for the Auckland under 16s in rugby.”

“I’m just so grateful to Monte Cecilia for helping out my family. You guys have been with us from the start and everything is moving the way we want it to. The kids are healthy and happy. If it wasn’t for Monte’s support and advice, my family wouldn’t have the opportunities we have now.”