Back in 1988 Monte Cecilia assisted a mum and her two young children in need. Due to a relationship break up, this young mum, Cecilia, moved to Auckland with her two pre-school children.

They moved in with family who had a three-bedroom home. This home was already housing 2 adults and 4 children, two of whom were teenagers. This was a very stressful situation, but an uncle of hers who attended the Good Shepherd church in Mt Albert heard of Monte and suggested she get in touch. 

Monte assisted Cecilia and her children for two months until they were allocated a State House (HNZC). They lived in the State house for three years until the rents were raised to the point where it was cheaper for her and her partner to purchase a home and pay a mortgage than to pay rent. 29 years later Cecilia has raised her two children, who are now both working fulltime, and she now works for us here at the Trust assisting families living in Monte social housing. 

On reflection, Cecilia says those were hard days but she is so thankful for the loving and caring support of Sister Mary and the Monte staff. With her self-determination, hard work and Monte’s support Cecilia built a future and a hope for herself and her children. “Thank you, Monte Cecilia Housing Trust.”