Thomas* was having a very stressful time when he had made contact with Monte Cecilia Housing Trust. His partner was in I.C.U and his current lease was to end on that day which added more stress to Thomas’ situation.

He and his daughter were about to become homeless. That very same day a Monte Cecilia social worker went to go see Thomas to offer him and his whanau support.    

The social worker was able to build whanaungatanga with Thomas and his whanau which helped Thomas manage his stress as it gave him a chance to talk to someone about how he was feeling.   

The Monte tenancy team jumped into action with the great news that they were able to house Thomas that day in one of their transitional houses.  

Once the social worker informed Thomas of this he was “over the moon” and was so happy that Monte was so quickly able to support and help him and his whanau in his time of need, and that he would no longer become homeless. Thomas loves his new home and remains in contact with the social worker on a weekly basis.

Thomas told the social worker that no one has ever helped him like the team at Monte Cecilia and that he has been given a second chance which he is not used to. Today, Thomas is happy thanks to the teamwork from Monte Cecilia in helping him in his time of need. 

*Thomas not his real name.