Amiria* and her family were in a rat and flea infested private rental, with a landlord that refused to listen to their complaints about substandard housing. Their tenancy was terminated.

They faced so many declines when applying for other private rentals that the family had a real sense of hopelessness and becoming severely stressed. The date of the tenancy end date came, and the family moved in to emergency motel accommodation.

 A Monte Cecilia Social Worker met with the family and completed a Transitional Housing application. While waiting for a housing solution, the social worker assisted them with advocacy/facilitation by supporting their WINZ appointments, providing food parcels, giving answers to Amiria’s many questions and concerns about their situation, and speaking on behalf of the family to raise their Social Housing priority rating on the housing wait register.

In no time the family notified us that they were able to secure a private rental.

Amiria expressed gratitude towards Monte Cecilia for the advocacy, emotional and practical support that Monte Cecilia provided for them during this stressful time. On the day that the family moved into their private rental, their Monte Cecilia staff brought them blankets, linen, towels, crockery, pots and pans to help them settle into their new home.

Amiria said she has plans to get a business degree and her fiancé plans to get back into work. The children are happy to have their own rooms and have the opportunity to grow and flourish in their new family home.

*Amaria not her real name.