Chelsea*, Elliot* and their three children were living with Chelsea’s sister and partner in a two bedroom minor dwelling that was rundown and incredibly small.

With seven people occupying such a small space, family tensions ran high especially because the landlord was unaware of the extra five occupants. 

Chelsea is studying and Elliot works, and often had to deal with their daughter going to hospital constantly due to a rare condition she has. This meant that their finances were unstable, and the family was experiencing high stress. 

They applied for many private rentals, but were constantly declined due to low income and bad credit history. The family felt hopeless. They approached Monte Cecilia for support. 

The Monte social worker was able to support the family onto the Social Housing Register, and the Monte tenancy team was able to move the family into our Transitional Housing. 

Shortly after they moved into Transitional Housing, Monte Cecilia was able to offer the family one of our Community Social Housing homes that was perfect for the family. 

Chelsea reports that she has received a scholarship for her studies, and their daughter has been going to hospital less due to the lessened stress of their situation. 

Chelsea and Elliot said that their life has changed for the better in a matter of months and they are so happy to be in their new home. The family’s next goal is to save up to buy their own home. 

*Not real names