Maryanne’s children have been in the care of other whanau members in relation to concerns with Oranga Tamariki. Maryanne, with the support of OT and other NGO’s, was able to turn her life around and aimed to having her children back.

She attended parenting programme, literacy course and kept herself drug-free in order to achieve the FGC goals particularly getting reunited with children. She has done so well and with the recommendations of OTSW and agencies, a reunification plan was created so the children can return to the care of Maryanne.

However, Maryanne  was living in a boarding house not appropriate and safe for her children. She needed a place where her children can have adequate, warm and secure housing. With the support of an OT social worker, Maryanne came to the attention of MHCT. The process of application for emergency housing has been done with the view of supporting Maryanne in applying for either social or private housing.

After successful implementation of the reunification plan, which is about OT and MCHT working together, Maryanne has finally been accepted into Monte Cecilia Emergency Housing. Her baby was returned to her care and the two older ones are in the process of joining her soon too.

Maryanne expressed her gratitude for the chance given to her and for the concerted effort of agencies working together to keep her family complete again and her children safe.

*Not real names used