Husband Saimone and wife Eleni Moala and their five children are facing 2017 with hope for a better future thanks to Monte Cecilia’s 12 week re-housing programme.

“Life is ‘unpredictable’ and no family knows that better than the Moala’s who wereliving with their parents. The parents sold the family home in 2015 to move to Australia. Saimone and his family moved to Australia to care for his ill and elderly parents. Unfortunately, due to Australian visa restrictions, Eleni was unable to remain in the country and had to leave her husband and returned back to New Zealand with the youngest children. 

With their family torn between two countries and Saimone’s parents health improving, the family decided to reunite in Auckland last year only to find the housing market more expensive and out of reach of everyday Kiwis. It was not long before the family had exhausted favours from extended family, time and what very little money they had to live on looking for a place to call home. Homelessness was staring the Moala’s right in their eyes.

It was not until Eleni discovered the Monte Cecilia Trust that hope and a home could be a reality. Through Monte Cecilia’s rehousing programme the family have found a home, and can now create a stable environment for their children to thrive in. Now the Moala’s are back on track for 2017.